Value creation activities are normally considered to take place in relatively well developed areas of most countries. This is especially true when referring to developing countries where income generation possibilities are normally reserved to urban centers with adequate infrastructure, access to supply chain networks and trained human resources. In order to level quality of life and social conditions of low income rural and urban communities to the regional prosperous areas, opportunities to create local economic development have to be generated. A way to contribute towards the achievement of this end is the generation of sustainable local value creation modules. To achieve this, the integration of several knowledge areas is most of the times necessary in order to secure a smooth implementation in the field increasing thus its success chances. This contribution proposes a method to construct interdisciplinary teams capable of define, develop and conduct projects intending the implementation of value creation modules in economically disadvantaged communities in developing countries.

J. Palacios, M. Pinto, Y.M.B. Saavedra